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ANTHROGENEALOGY* is the merging of two scientific fields.  Anthropology is the
scientific study of human beings**.  Genealogy is an account of the descent of a person,
family, or group from an ancestor or from older forms and the study of family pedigrees. **
Anthrogenealogy is the culmination of these two methods in order to determine if two or
more people are related, even if they are unknown to each other, by testing their genetic
       *FamilyTreeDNA       **Websters Dictionary

By testing the Y-chromosome of males with a particular surname, we can construct a lineage
"tree" of the many branches of families with that surname.


Genetic testing is a leading edge tool in our quest to find our ancestors.  

When public, historical and family records have led you to a brick wall on an individual, DNA
testing can possibly break that wall down.

This project tests the y-chromosome of Price males.   All men with the surname of Price are
welcome to participate.  Only men carry the y-chromosome and each man has his father's
y-chromosome, his grandfather's, etc.

The purpose then is to test Price males to see if a match is found.  Matches indicate that you
both had a most recent common ancestor (MRCA) at some point in time.  When a match is
found, these individuals compare notes on their historical data and should be able to find
new leads in their search for that elusive ancestor.

This website is intended to share the results of the participants.  Names will not be used for
confidentiality purposes, however they will be referred to by kit numbers and their oldest
known Price ancestor.  

Cathy Harmon
Group Administrator

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